Career Development Plan – 5 Steps To Make It Perfect 2020


A career development plan can be stated as a useful tool for an individual, who attempts to progress deliberately through a particular career path. This plan can either be in the creative mental ideas or it can also be presented as a typed document. If you are thinking about writing a career development plan for your lucrative career, here are the 5 steps you can take to arrive at the best document that can be of great help throughout your career


Career Development Plan


  1. Determine your overall goals:

This is the first step towards developing the best career development plan for yourself. This can provide you the plan with purpose and can inform the path you should take towards the achievement of the set goal. Here, you should be careful about setting long-term goals for yourself.

It is better to be specific in your goals. For instance, if you are dreaming about a particular job position when you reach a specific age, write about the same. Even, you can make your objectives to be open-ended like the list of needs you will have to fulfill from your career.

Once you have formulated the goals, it is better to ask questions to yourself about the goals as to whether they can be achieved. Find the reason for such a goal and also find an answer about the difference it can make in you and in your career in case you reach the goals.

If you cannot find answers to these questions, it is better to reframe your goals. Remember to follow the SMART technique in setting up your goals. SMART denotes:

  • S – Specific
  • M – Measured
  • A – Achievable
  • R – Realistic
  • T – Timed
  1. Assess your present stand in your career:

Once you are aware of where you want to go in your career, it is important that you should develop an understanding of your current position. Identify whether you are in the right industry or field to move forward in the process of achieving your goals.

Here, you can prepare a list of skills and knowledge you have and also identify your past experiences that will be of great help in your development. Also, it becomes important to identify your strengths and weaknesses and how do they relate to your selected career path.

  1. Formulate options for moving towards your goals:

Once you have understood your current stand, and your future goals, this is the right time to identify the ways to bridge the gap between the current position and future goal.

Ask yourself about the skills you should develop to march towards your goals and also consider the steps to be taken to develop those skills. They can be achieved either through education or through work experiences. Even if you are presently employed in an unrelated field, take steps to develop yourself in the current position.

  1. Construct your career action plan:

This is the most concrete step in the process of creating your career development plan. Here, you should enumerate the steps to be taken towards achieving your goals. Do not forget to consider each and every step here right form earning credits towards a degree, obtaining certifications/licenses, finding a position in the new industry or getting promoted in your current employment to a higher position.

Here, you should be careful about developing a time table for taking these steps. Remember to be flexible in this step as there are chances of opportunities becoming scarce in the near future because of external factors like the economic downturn. Also, identify the barriers that come in the way of implementing your action plan and also take steps to overcome them.


  1. Implement your plan:

Finally, more than framing the plan, it becomes highly important that you should enter into action to achieve the goals you have set for your career. You should be committed to your goals and do read some motivational books, whenever you feel tired or out of the path. Even when slight deviations occur remember to consciously get back to your path.

Having the right career is something that is important for happiness and a wealthy lifestyle in your personal life as well. Only people, who are happy in their profession can lead a happy personal life and vice versa is also true.

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