How to Prepare for Competitive Examination? 2020

Prepare for Competitive Examination?

Competitive exams are very popular right now. They’re conducted for admissions into various universities and colleges like top B.Tech colleges in Karnataka. They’re also conducted as part of the interview process for jobs. These exams are conducted to narrow down the number of candidates. In this article, we are going to discuss the preparation for competitive exams. As students we’ve all been trained to study for exams, here we are going to focus on implementing the effectiveness of preparation for the exams.

Competitive examsHere a few tips for preparing for competitive exams 2020


• Planned Schedule: Having a schedule where you study the same thing at the same time will train your mind to associate that subject to that time. Over a period of time of following this schedule, you will be willing to study that subject at that time. This is helpful in studying subjects that you aren’t your strongest suit.

• Short Study Sessions: Studying in shorter sessions have concentrated learning than hours of marathon studying. Studying for a little time makes your brain more efficient. And the study break is important as it helps in observing the learned information. Therefore, it is the most efficient to have a study session for 20-30 minutes.

• Study Smart: It is important to work smart than work hard when you’re studying. The concentrated attention paid to studying is more important than studying for a really long time. Also, minimize distractions like TV and the Internet. Start studying with a difficult subject as your mind is still fresh as it would be easier to understand concepts that are difficult for you.

 Take Breaks: Take breaks after each short study session to rejuvenate yourself and your mind. Take short breaks often. Watch a movie listen to music play a sport to rejuvenate. This will help you stay fresh in the mind able to study more when you get back into it.

• Plan your study: Create a plan to study before you start studying. And know what to study out of the syllabus and what leave out of the syllabus. Plan these things ahead to have better control of your study. People who plan to do better than people who don’t.

• Stay Healthy: Maintaining your mental and physical health is very important. Have a proper schedule of study sessions and breaks. Also, make sure you get enough sleep. Many students stay up late at night to get some studying done but a good night’s rest will help in studying better early in the morning. Also, maintain a proper diet that keeps you energized during this time.

• Study Early Morning: This a tip used by many students which are very efficient as your mind is fresh and clear. Studying in the morning after a good rest will let you study in a concentrated way.

• Revise: Make sure to have enough time to revise. Revise 2-3 times before the exam. It can help in remembering a lot of concepts that you have studied and learned days ago but revising brings it back in your mind and keeps it fresh. So, you can remember it if you need it in the exam.

I hope these tips will work well for you, follow these tips wholeheartedly and see the results.

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